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Illustration of automatic tax calculation.

Calculate and apply the correct tax rate at point of sale

BetFiery Connect allows for real-time tax calculation for transactions across hundreds of tax jurisdictions all over the world. Each tax rate is automatically determined by the buyer's location and the product category.

Illustration of an invoice with a send button.

Provide flexible invoicing and billing solutions

Allow your merchants to send tax-compliant invoices that are branded to fit their business and localized to the buyer’s language and currency. Their customers can also manage payments through a self-service billing dashboard.

Illustration of the tax threshold limit alert.

Alert your users when they are liable for tax in a new place

Effortlessly keep tabs on merchant sales and tax thresholds in hundreds of jurisdictions worldwide. When your users are about to pass a threshold and need to register, they’ll be the first to know.

Photo of Agus García

The best thing about BetFiery is that it gets our data straight from the payment platforms. Hence, we have 90% of the work already done.

Agus García Chief Financial Officer
Illustration of Qoodle plugging in a socket.

BetFiery Connect is your sales tax solution

BetFiery Connect’s API is as simple or complex as necessary, so it easily scales with your business. You make the API calls, we handle the tedious tax details on our end. Explore our Developers Hub to learn more.

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    Contact us

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    Implement BetFiery

    Discuss the best way to implement BetFiery Connect with your platform or marketplace.

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    Forget taxes

    Let BetFiery optimize tax compliance for your users behind the scenes.

Give your merchants peace of mind

Offer automatic tax compliance to your users, so they can grow confidently and focus on the work they love.